How Identity theft Protection reduces the threat of Phone Scams


Modern-day evolutions in the tech world might have created several opportunities for business developments but at the same time, they have created some disruptive forces as well. Identity theft is one of the nuisances of real-world that has gained prominence and gotten stronger in the digital world. Frequent data breaches have exposed personal data of millions of online users.

More sophisticated attacks have the added stealth feature which means that the affected users are not aware of their stolen identity until the time it is used by identity thieves for their personal usage. Phone scams are one of the more common forms of Identity theft, especially after large-scale adoption of 2 Factor authentication. Using a reliable identity theft
protection solution can substantially reduce the threat of phone scams. How it can be done is explained in the following lines:

Face Recognition Software

Most of the online businesses use phone numbers to authenticate the identity of their users but as we all know that hacking someone’s face is far easier than said. Stealing a phone device can lead to identity theft that is even easier to achieve than the old days. Face recognition software, on the other hand, can truly identify the identity of a incoming user through biometric features that are unique for every person in the world. Once stored, a facial image of a person can be stored within the facial verification system and the next time the same person performs the facial verification procedures, the unique facial markers are authenticated.

ID Verification Solution

Identity theft protections becomes easier to perform because of the ID verification solution that matches the personal details provided by an incoming user with that of an official identity document. The best identity theft prevention solutions such as Shufti Pro makes sure that the authenticity of the official identity document is properly checked before it is used to verify the identity of the end-user.

Any attempt to doctor information on an identity document or to use a stolen document for verification purposes is caught easily by Shufti Pro. It even offers document support for passports as well as driving licenses in addition to ID cards for more than 225 countries. That is not just it, but the AI-based verification system of Shufti Pro can identify and verify
text in over 150 languages of the world.

Identity Verification Services

Now, surely a full fledge Identity verification service is no match to 2-factor authentication but surely it provides the most secure access to a user for their service account. Shufti Pro offers ID Verification attached with face verification in order to provide its customers and end-users a reliable authentication framework. Data security is enabled and the privacy
rights of end-users are secured with GDPR compliance to make sure the entered personal details of end-users are safe at all times. Although, most KYC service providers are limited to a few countries or regions, Shufti Pro offers its services in over 220 countries of the world.

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