How E cigarettes can Help to Quit the Habit of Smoking

How E cigarettes can Help to Quit the Habit of Smoking

E-cigarettes, also called vapes, are the latest aids to stop smoking and maintain good health. These devices enable you to inhale nicotine in a vapor than tobacco smoke that you might inhale from the cigarettes.

Different kinds of e-cigarettes

  • Cigalikes – These are quite similar to tobacco cigarettes and seem to have small batteries that are rechargeable or disposable.
  • Vape pens – They are shaped in the form of small tube or pen having a tank for the replaceable coils and storing e-liquid. The batteries are chargeable and usually last longer when compared to cigalike batteries.
  • Pod systems – These are compact rechargeable devices often shaped like a pebble or USB stick. They are simple, use e-liquid capsules and can be maintained easily.
  • Mods – They are available in different sizes and shapes but are usually the largest e-cigarette devices. They have a refillable tank, variable power and are long lasting rechargeable batteries.

How e-cigarettes work

Most e-cigarettes have:

  • a cartridge or mouthpiece
  • a rechargeable battery
  • electronic circuits
  • a heating element

When the user sucks on the mouthpiece, there will be a sensor activating the heating element that vaporizes a liquid and flavored solution held in the mouthpiece. The person will then inhale or vape the aerosol solution. The nicotine content may differ from zero to “extra-high,” or 24 to 36 milligrams (mg) each milliliter (ml).

E-cigarettes / vapes can be safer than cigarettes

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Though e-cigarettes are not absolutely risk-free, it has been estimated that vaping is almost 95% less harmful than the smoking cigarettes. E-cigarette vapour has some harmful chemicals that are also present in tobacco smoke, but at lower levels.

Many people consider nicotine to be extremely harmful for health. Though nicotine is addictive, it is harmless and other chemicals present in tobacco smoke may cause all harm due to smoking.

Some facts on e-cigarettes:

  • E-cigarettes aim to look like cigarettes without burning tobacco.
  • They are sold in the market to lessen or quit the habit of smoking.
  • These e-cigarettes have a negative impact on the overall health.
  • Health authorities are trying to make strict regulations for discouraging younger generation from using e-cigarettes.

How to choose the right e-cigarette for me

A rechargeable e-cigarette that has refillable tank will deliver nicotine much faster than a disposable model. Thus, it will probably give you much better chance to quit smoking. So, if you are a chained smoker, it is advised to try vape pens, mods and pod systems. In case you are a light smoker, a cigalike may be suitable for you. Since e-liquids can be found with different nicotine strengths, you will have to select the right one for your need.

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How vaping works

E-cigarettes heat a solution known as e-liquid that consist of nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavourings. Though they do not produce carbon monoxide or tan and burn tobacco, you inhale 2 of the damaging elements in tobacco smoke from cigarettes.

E cigarettes can help to quit smoking

Several people have already stopped smoking with the use of an e-cigarette. They can help you to manage your desire for taking nicotine. If you want to get the most from it, try to use it as much as you will need and with appropriate strength of nicotine in the e-liquid. Thus, you will not get the maximum benefit from vaping until you quit smoking cigarettes completely.

Thus, if you have more questions about quitting smoking with an e-cigarette, your specialist at Simply Eliquid can provide necessary help and great advice.

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