The Surprising Truth About Botox

The Surprising Truth About Botox By Dr Jarret Morrow Edmonton

From overactive bladders to foot pain, Botox treatment in Edmonton is used for a lot more than just simple cosmetic touchups. But, no matter what you are using Botox for, it always does the same thing anywhere it is administered.

It is derived from a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum, which is actually the most potent known toxin.

Botulism is an illness that’s caused by the botulinum toxin. It leads to respiratory failure and it can prove deadly. In fact, just 1 gram of botulinum can kill more than 1 million people. Two kilograms is enough to kill the entire human population. So, why would be use it to fix wrinkles?

In reality, Clostridium botulinum is a natural organism that is found in the environment and it is largely inactive and non-toxic. The main effect is that it causes paralysis, and that’s why it is harnessed to produce Botox. In the form of Botox, it’s entirely safe.

When injected into your body, Botox blocks the nerve endings and prevents them from adsorbing certain molecules that they need to function properly. The result is paralyzed muscles which, especially in the face, can make skin looker tighter and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This may sound rather intimidating, but Botox is actually approved by the FDA for seven legitimate medical uses, in addition to being used for a multitude of other ailments (both cosmetic and otherwise) each and every day. New findings are even showing promise that Botox could be used for chronic pain cases.

Botox is by far the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. In fact, more than 6 million Botox treatments are administered each and every year to patients seeking its many benefits.

Obviously, reducing fine lines and wrinkles is by far Botox’s most popular and highly sought after use, but paralyzing the underlying muscles gives off many more perks even for those not seeking them. For instance, those who get Botox injections will notice reduced headaches and, if they experience them, much shorter migraines just by getting an injection every three months or so.

For those who sweat excessively, Botox can prove effective for managing this and putting an end to excessive sweating. In addition, Botox is actively being used for bladder and bowel disorders along with many different muscular disorders. Even athletes use it to help manage foot pain and provide extra cushion to their joints.

Botox is most frequently injected into the face and neck for cosmetic purposes, eye spasms, headaches, and so on. However, Botox also has a similar effect elsewhere, which is why it is injected directly into the lower extremities for things like joint and foot pain.

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