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Reversed Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards in reading can appear in two ways. One way is straight or
upright and the other is downwards or reversed. It is a debatable topic
among the Tarot Card Readers globally that which position of the
appearance of the card should be followed.

Free Tarot Card Prediction is quite popular these days for getting updated
about the near future. The traditional tarot card readers generally take the
card as it appears. It can be upright or reversed. For them, the appearance
of a card in a specific position is a particular sign that the universe wants
them to understand.

Modern tarot card readers generally pick only the upright way to make
their predictions. For them, it is the only valid position in which they can
carry out their psychic readings in an effective way. However, the reversed
tarot cards carry equally significant meaning. Let us gain a better
understanding of how these cards work.

What are Reverse Tarot Cards?

An upright tarot card when shows up in a reading turned upside down
means it is reversed. When cards show up in inverse positions then the
meaning of it is completely interchanged. A good card becomes bad and a
bad one turns out to be positive.
This is a cliche that has been going on in
the world of tarot card reading.

How do Reversals Show Up?

A Tarot Card Reader when gets themselves into frequent readings of
others as well as self, there are high possibilities of getting these cards
mixed in random order. Constant shuffling, cutting the deck and
rearranging the cards multiple times may set them in such positions.

Why Reversals Are Not Included in a Reading?

Generalized meaning of the positions of a card appearing in an upright
position is taken to be positive or of good omens. A card when appears in a
reversed position is taken to be of negative or of bad omen.

Reversals are considered opposing and gloomy. This is the real reason why
most of the tarot card readers do not prefer to include card reversals in
their readings. But this should not be the case. Let us understand why.

Only a few tarot card readers understand the approach of the appearance
of these powerful cards. Reversal, as misinterpreted, is not the exact
contradictory of upright. Reversals, however, are a bit mysterious and
wants the reader to dive in the depths and interpret.

Reversals as Helpers

Not all the reversed cards bring clouds of darkness with them. Neither
does the meaning of a card completely turns upside down to that in
upright. If something is working against the current for you, reversals are
sure to tell that to you. For example, take The Tower. It does not abruptly
become completely positive or negative when it comes up in a reversed
. It suggests important and spiritual personal transformation and
healing. It makes you realize that change is good. You have been clinging
on to the old for no good. It is your time to heal and look forward.

Does this interpretation in any way seem damaging? Well, it is not at all
hampering, in fact it is suggesting something good. This is why a one-
sided verdict cannot be given regarding the appearance of reversals in a

A card showing up in reversed position sometimes is a red light to warn
you against something ferocious or brutal coming your way. For example,
The Emperor reversed depicts inflexibility and lack of discipline. When it
shows up in this position in reading, an efficient person might behave
uncertain and desperate. This will eventually worsen the situation.
However knowing it in prior that the querent has to be careful with some
of their actions, they can save themselves falling into this trap.

Reversals to Know More

Reversals are the counterparts to conventional meanings of these tarot
. These are on the other side of the weight balance to balance out the
meanings and predictions of cards in an upright position. A querent mostly
gets delivered sugar coated predictions. It feels as sunny side up for them
but a human has both an angel and a devil sitting on each of its shoulders.

Reversals are the ones to introduce that dark side in a reading. A person
can be dug deep with this position of cards appearing in their reading. All
their fears, insecurities, criticism and other things are willfully delivered to
them by the reader. This may astonish as well as improve them. They will
see a mirror they have been hiding from.

Reversed Cards- Yes or No?

Reversed cards might be difficult and unusual to predict and to accept by
both the reader and the querent. But there is a bright side to this position
of tarot cards. They are the ones that unfold the layers that lead to the
source. These are just the other sides of this precious method. They let us
explore a side that has no boundaries and is unconventional. With practice
and time, communication with reversed tarot of a reader builds up. In the
end, it is always the intuition of the reader to predict the meaning of a card.

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