How to Take Better Photos on the HTC One X9 DualSIM Phone?

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The HTC One X9 offers everything that users need. Right from speed, performance, good looks and security – this smartphone has it all. Moreover, the handset also has a great rear primary and an equally fabulous front secondary camera.

Here’s how you can use the HTC One X9 to click excellent some excellent photographs:

Top-end smartphone photography on the HTC One X9

One of the new HTC One X9 features that have attracted a lot of even non-HTC users is the special ‘Camera’ app. Using this app, photos are better and sharper. Even wide-angle pictures display a stunning amount of clarity. This handset has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front snapper.

Get Improved Autofocus

Like many other phones in this price range, the One X9 Dual SIM has Autofocus. You do not need to adjust focus manually. Ideally, Autofocus works best when the subject is not moving. If the subject is in motion, Autofocus often fails to take good pictures. For example, if you are using the rear camera to take a picture of a group of people, ask them to stand still. It will improve the quality of photographs that this HTC One X9 offers.

If you are taking pictures of a building or a car or any object, you can take a few steps back and then try to stand still as much as possible so that the Autofocus works better.

HTC itself recommends that you must hold the subject on the Viewfinder and press to ‘lock’ if there is any motion. This will let the Autofocus work much better.

Use more light if you can

Users of this HTC model will get better results if there is more illumination. The device does take great pictures even in very dark conditions, but bright conditions are where it scores well above its competitors in this price range.

Remember that the HTC One X9 offers a chance to adjust ambient light and darkness settings on-app. If you think that there is too much darkness, simply tap on that part of the image and the illumination of that specific area will improve.

Similarly, if you think that a certain part of the image has too much light, you can always tap around that area to decrease brightness levels. When used wisely, these little tricks will let you take much better photos.

There is a reason why people buy this smartphone, even if on EMIs. The device has HDR, which makes it slightly more expensive than many rivals. Use the HDR mode to take better pictures. For example, if you think that a certain group photo is not up to the mark and is either too bright or too dark, merge multiple photos into a single one using HDR.

A pro tip to take panoramic shots too – use HDR mode to take difficult shots. For reference, choose a neutral colour tone in the image and then change the settings accordingly. You can also use the built-in Photo Editor to make the photos seem even better.

Bonus tips

Follow these secret tips to maximise picture-quality that the HTC One X9 offers.

  1. Make sure that you take tap on the ‘Grid’ option in the app to improve colour composition.
  2. Use the Photo Editor to fine-tune the photos after you take them.

Remember these tips and you will impress everyone with your fine and professional-grade pictures.

Buy the HTC One X9

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