How to get a flat stomach with diet

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To get a flat stomach is the dream of many. But mostly people will have a fat stomach instead of flat stomach. Only a handful of lucky ones are gifted with the perfect lean belly like that of the models.

Every time we strive to lose belly fat, our efforts clash with several hurdles that make it pretty impossible to move the fat on our belly. Despite all the arduous belly toning measures we have undertaken and the food sacrifices we have made, the bulk on our mid section takes no name of departing from our lives.

Having fat on stomach not only makes one look unattractive but also puts one at the risk of falling prey to a host of health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, Type 2 Diabetes, Colorectal Cancer, Hypertension and the like. Losing fat from stomach is something that’ll not happen overnight. You have to accept it and look for long-term fixes. There are certain diets that can be opted for in order to lose stomach fat. Such diets are specially formulated belly or stomach flattening diets.

Before going into the ideal stomach flattening diet plan, let’s first gain some knowledge about the ideal stomach flattening foods/food ingredients and the foods/food ingredients to avoid while trying to lose stomach fat…

Foods/Food ingredients to avoid while trying to lose stomach fat

While trying to get a flat stomach, these are some of the foods that you really need to avoid:

Potato chips

Most of us are fond of potato chips that make one of the most popular snacks. But potato chips are mostly prepared using hydrogenated oils and are high in sodium and trans-fats that often play the belly fattening culprit.

White rice

White carbs are belly fattening and white rice is full of white carbs. Thus, you need to avoid white rice and replace it with brown whole rice.

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are sugar loaded and contain high amounts of empty calories that make your belly blow out of proportion. Thus, fizzy drinks need to be avoided if you are trying to lose belly fat.


Stay away from drinking. Alcohol triggers bloating and water retention and that protrudes your stomach all the more. So, don’t booze when you are trying to get a flat stomach.


Margarine is high in trans-fats and hence is stomach fattening. Many of our favorite crackers, pastries, pop-corns will contain high amounts of Margarine and thus need to be avoided. Instead of Margarine use regular and pure butter.

Foods/Food ingredients to take while trying to lose stomach fat

Here are some of the super foods you should definitely take when you are trying to lose your stomach fat:


This is a delicious low calorie, low fat drink loaded with powerful fat busting nutrients. Buttermilk is prepared by beating yoghurt to get a drink of watery consistency. Its salted and spiced mildly before enjoying. It is a great non-fattening and filling snack that may be used to get a smaller mid-section.

Dalia/Broken Wheat

Dalia is an amazing food ingredient significantly low in fat and high in fiber as well as protein. Dalia keeps tummy full for long and curbs appetite thereby stopping you from overeating. Also Dalia does not release much sugar. Hence, it does not lead to much fat production. Consuming Dalia can shrink you belly amazingly. You can savor Dalia in the form of Dalia Khichdi, Dalia Upma or Dalia Kheer.


This is an excellent stomach flattening food item. It triggers fat combustion and thus causes you to lose fat around your tummy. Furthermore, yoghurt lowers the production of the Cortisol hormone and curbs the tendencies of emotional eating. A bowl of yoghurt with every meal is the best way to consume yoghurt. You can also drizzle your fruit salads with fat free yoghurt and enjoy chilled.

Ajwain seeds/Carom seeds

Ajwain or Carom seeds are a common flavoring spice in every Indian kitchen. Chewing Ajwain seeds prior to meal time stimulates the secretion of certain digestive enzymes that allow better food absorption and lesser fat storage. This eventually gives you a flat belly. You can also include ajwain in your various dishes, curries and soups.

Sabja/Basil seeds

This is an excellent appetite suppressant. It is very low in calorie and high in fiber and vital nutrients. Munching on basil seeds prior to mealtime curbs overeating tendencies and fat formation. That eventually gives you a flat tummy.

Ragi/Finger millet

Ragi or finger millet is a healthy food ingredient and is very low in calories. Incorporating ragi in daily diet is a wise choice in case you are trying to have a flattened belly. You can take Ragi in the form of Ragi roti or Ragi porridge or as Ragi malt.

The ideal stomach flattening diet plan

Here is model stomach flattening diet plan you can adhere to:

Hours of Day Day01 Day02 Day03 Day04 Day05
Morning Green Tea Coffee Green Lemon Tea Green Tea Coffee
Breakfast Banana Oats Porridge 2 Brown bread toast & 3 boiled eggs Dalia-Lentil Khichdi 1 brown bread toast & banana milkshake Oats Idli & sambar
Mid Morning A bowl of chickpea salad A handful of roasted almonds A bowl of mixed fruit salad Glassful of buttermilk Peanut salad
Lunch 2 multi grain roti, paneer sabzi & salad A small bowl of brown rice, fish curry & salad A small bowl of brown rice, dal, sabzi & yoghurt 2 ragi roti, rajma & salad Brown rice, chicken curry & raita
Snack Handful of roasted peanuts Glassful of buttermilk Few bites of cocoa rich dark chocolate Baked sweet potato with melted cheese Handful of dry fruits
Dinner Dalia Khichdi & bowl of salad Quinoa salad & grilled veggies Grilled Chicken & a bowl of tomato soup A bowl of sautéed veggies & 1 toast made of multigrain flour Lentil soup & a bowl of salad

By following this diet plan coupled with proper exercises, you can see your stomach going flat in just 15 days

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